Training Camps

We arrange intensive training camps as a club every year, which are great for getting to know your fellow athletes, and bringing performances up a level.

Banna Training Weekend

As part of a tradition that stretches back many decades, every January we go on a weekend trip to Banna beach in Kerry. Staying in self-catering houses, we brave the cold and do a morning easy run and afternoon session out on the sand dunes on the Saturday, and a long run on the Sunday in one of the most spectacular parts of the country. And of course the trip wouldn’t be complete without an evening trip to the leisure centre and a night out on the Saturday, that’s always memorable.

As well as being great for getting back to training after the Christmas break, and sharpening up for the upcoming indoor season and end of cross-country season, this weekend is also a brilliant way to get to know the team better. Always a fantastic trip, with a bit of hard training and great fun, it’s one of the highlights of the club’s year.

Warm Weather Training

Coming up to the Intervarsity Track & Field Championships in April, a number of athletes head for the sun to get the benefit of consistent, predictable training in an environment designed for excellent performance.

Past destinations have included Gran Canaria, Albufeira (Portugal) and Torremolinos (Spain).


If you are interested in coming keep an eye on club announcements, or you can contact us in the new year as the time approaches.